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Philip Lorenzo Hardee, also known as "Young Renzo", was born May 27th 1992, In Charleston South Carolina. At the age of 4, Lorenzo's passion for music began to develop. Growing up in a Christian Church, Lorenzo was always fascinated in the art of drums. Watching the smooth movement of the hard-hitting instrument captivated the Charleston native's attention. Young Renzo started playing the instrument by ear with no technical training. His Mother sharon Hardee, realized Young Renzo's potential, passion and willingness to learn, study, perform, record and persue music at an early age. Eventually, he became a member of his local church and assumed the role as a drummer.

By middle school, the art of dance intrigued Renzo a way that modeled him into the artist that he is today. His love for his favorite artists: Michael Jackson, James Brown, Chris Brown and Usher inspired him to peruse dancing. Mimicking the dances and reciting the lyrics at a young age, Renzo realized Rapping Singing and dancing was his calling. Through this inspiration it motivated him to save his money by working countless jobs in order to build a home recording studio to record mixtapes with childhood friends.

As time progressed, Lorenzo was introduced to Darrell"Nickle Dee" Wright, a close family member and former Jive records representative. Nickle Dee soon created an entertainment, management and consulting firm, and made Young Renzo his first Client. With Countlerss Performances at local Charleston, Sc Clubs. Young Renzo was able to expand his music to local radio stations WWWZ(Z93Jams) and WXMZ(99.3thebox) through on air Personality/APD DJ Cass and on Air Personality/ClubDJ DJTantrum. Eventually it started getting played on other stations such as WWRK(Swagga Radio). in the Fall of 2015 Young Renzo landed a 15-day HighSchool and College tour in several cities including: Atlanta,Charlotte,Columbia,Sumter, Florence, New York, Chattanooga, and more. Today Young Renzo is still recording, promoting, performing, and expanding his style of music from Urban Hip-Hop to R&B and Pop.

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